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BLT Pizza



Don and I love BLT’s and we love pizza! So we decided to combine the 2 into one amazing dish. This works out great for company (I hate making toast!).

The ingredients are simple:

1 Pre-made pizza crust

Mayo or Miracle Whip

Fresh crisp bacon pieces

Lettuce and tomatoes

Toast the pizza crust, then top with mayo, bacon, lettuce and tomatoes. Easy as pizza pie!

IMG_20160130_115806189  IMG_20160130_115921343 IMG_20160130_120042961 IMG_20160130_120157884



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Enjoy a BLAT Today!

Don and I love eating BLT’s on the weekend; same bread, same bacon, same toppings (Miracle Whip® for him and Hellman’s® Real Mayo for me.

Today we tried new bacon that was outstanding Indiana’s Kitchen® bacon!

The smoked wood flavor came through and the flavor was outstanding! So if you can find it in your grocery store, please try it

We also love a sandwich restaurant called; Schlotzsky’s Deli. A while back we found out that we can purchase just their sourdough sandwich rolls….so we do and we use them a lot!

Well, today I tired of the same old BLT’s so I decided on a BLAT instead.

Using ½ of an avocado (mashed) and mixed with the mayo; this made the perfect spread. Topped it off with Indiana Kitchen’s® bacon, lettuce, tomato and you guessed it, avocado slices.

I toasted the sourdough rolls in the oven and made sure the tops and bottoms were just lightly crispy.

I need to add that the bacon was amazing! I know there isn’t much bacon on my sandwich; I tend to lean toward the veggie part of a BLT or in this case a BLAT.