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The Great Mayo Retreat

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The Great Mayo Retreat

I have never been a fan of Miracle Whip. I have always been true to mayo…always. Now, the brand of mayo was always Hellmann’s. Oh sure from time to time I went with a cheaper brand to save some pennies here and there but I always went back to Hellmann’s because it was the best. The best texture, the best color, the best flavor.  It was the best.

Shortly after we moved here to Kentucky, I needed some mayo for a recipe and something new caught my eye; Duke’s Mayonnaise. I had never heard of it before, never seen it before but something about it was calling out to me. Even though I had that container of Hellmann’s in my hand and I would have saved 12 cents with the Hellmann’s; Duke’s was calling out to me to try it. I don’t know if it was the retro looking label that reminded me of the good old days with my grandma in the kitchen or just the simplicity of it all. I don’t know if it was the idea that it was a family recipe since the early 1900’s. But whatever it was; I put back the Hellmann’s and tossed caution to the wind with Duke’s.

The best decision I have ever made with mayo. In culinary school, we made our own mayo and it tasted amazing. The flavor is like nothing you can explain; fresh, delicious; your taste buds work overtime with the flavors. You don’t get that with store bought (or you shouldn’t); not even with Hellmann’s. But, you get that with Duke’s! Duke’s Mayonnaise tastes like you took the time (and it takes lots of time and patience) to make your own mayo. The flavors burst with homemade goodness! The texture, the color; everything about it screams out “I AM HOME MADE MAYO!”

So, if you can find this at your local supermarket, if you know someone that can find it at their local market and will send you some; beg them to send you some because you are missing out on the one mayo that will enhance your recipes, your sandwiches, your burgers, your sauces; whatever you use mayo for. Hellmann’s is gone from my pantry. I have retreated from their side of the isle, I am in Duke’s neighborhood now and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.


(Photo from Duke’s Mayonnaise)



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