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Enjoy a BLAT Today!

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Don and I love eating BLT’s on the weekend; same bread, same bacon, same toppings (Miracle Whip® for him and Hellman’s® Real Mayo for me.

Today we tried new bacon that was outstanding Indiana’s Kitchen® bacon!

The smoked wood flavor came through and the flavor was outstanding! So if you can find it in your grocery store, please try it

We also love a sandwich restaurant called; Schlotzsky’s Deli. A while back we found out that we can purchase just their sourdough sandwich rolls….so we do and we use them a lot!

Well, today I tired of the same old BLT’s so I decided on a BLAT instead.

Using ½ of an avocado (mashed) and mixed with the mayo; this made the perfect spread. Topped it off with Indiana Kitchen’s® bacon, lettuce, tomato and you guessed it, avocado slices.

I toasted the sourdough rolls in the oven and made sure the tops and bottoms were just lightly crispy.

I need to add that the bacon was amazing! I know there isn’t much bacon on my sandwich; I tend to lean toward the veggie part of a BLT or in this case a BLAT.







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