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Where Have I Been????

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Hello Everyone!

 I wanted to let you know what has been going on to keep me from my Inner Chef duties.

I am now the full-time head cook at Rainbow Child Care in Indianapolis. This is the perfect job for me and every day I am finding more reasons to enjoy my new job.

 I am able to not only feed these wonderful little tykes but teach them about food as well. Today I learned that I will be sending out newsletters to the parents once a month, discussing my objectives and ideas for the month.

This will include introducing the children to new foods, enjoying National Foodie Holidays, and just plain having fun with your food (other than throwing it at others).

 I have waited for a position like this to come around and I will say that it is everything I wanted it to be and more.

 I will still find time for my Inner Chef family; although posts may be only bi-weekly for now. As I get a momentum going for work, home and Inner Chef, I am hoping it will be more often.

 So hang in there and don’t give up on Inner Chef. There are still many amazing and tasty dishes to prepare in our archives.

Thanks for understanding and see you all soon!

~Carolyn Lee

Inner Chef


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