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What Can 5 Pounds of Hamburger Do For Your Freezer?

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What can 5 pounds of ground beef do for me? It can give me a freezer of ready-to-eat meals!

Here is what I can get out of 5 pounds of ground beef:

Meatballs: Using just 1 ½ pounds of the ground beef; I can get over 70 meatballs. For 2 people at 10 meatballs per person, per meal…7 meals! I get less if  make some meatballs larger to use for meatball subs.

Tacos: Using 1 pound of the ground beef and adding 1 can of refried beans to the mix; I can get 5-8 meals (this varies on whether we use it for taco salad, tacos, and if the kids come over)!

Meatloaf: Using 1 ½ pounds of the ground beef; I can get 2-3 meals (depending on the size of the loaves)!

Hamburgers: Using 1 pound of the ground beef; I can get 3 meals (2 patties per meal). Making them into patties and freezing them individually gives me the ease of taking them out and tossing them on the grill whenever we want. I also love using Lipton’s Onion Soup mix in the ground beef.

Now, based on a 2 person home; I have about 17 meals with just 5 pounds of ground beef. For a 2-person home; that is still not bad at just about 8 meals (approximately.) And this does not count for leftovers with the meatloaf (sandwiches the next day).

The key is to measure out servings. I know that I won’t eat many meatballs with our spaghetti or mac and cheese so that leaves Don with plenty; we add a salad and garlic bread and we are full. Add sides to your burgers and you won’t eat but one burger. I believe that sides dishes are the saviors of a meal.

There are times when I will take 3 pounds of the ground beef for chili and make whatever I happen to be low on with the rest; taco meat, burgers, meatballs, etc.



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