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Organization is Key in the Kitchen!

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Have you ever looked for something in your kitchen (sometimes for hours); knowing darn well that you have it, you just can’t find it? That is the story of my life….or at least it was. It has taken me some time and I am still not 100% organized but I am getting there.

Here are some of the ways I organized and saved lots of room in my baking pantries.

I used pint jars for the mini ones and just a heads up. will need the wide mouth jars for the regular size cupcake liners.

Using the canning jars for the baking panty worked wonders too! Believe me it was a hot mess! I hadn’t realized how many opened bags of coconut and pecans that I had. Using the quart and pint-sized jars to combining opened items (not together of course) and other things, getting rid of the bulky packages of sugars and flavored chips actually freed up my pantry space by 50%!

I will post more photos as I get my pantries in order.











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