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Let’s Talk About Inner Chef

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Good Morning!
I want to just want to talk about for Inner Chef. I choose recipes based on if they work. Simple. I don’t try all the recipes that I post on Inner Chef; that is where you come in.
Your posts for recipes and photos of dishes you have made; makes Inner Chef what it is. I have posted recipes that are “good” but not “great” and I let you know this. This gives you the opportunity to make it better than what I was able to do to it. This goes for any and all recipes on Inner Chef. One person makes a dish and loves it the just the way it is; another person tweaks it to their own liking and makes it better for them. There is nothing wrong with this and it is not saying that your recipe was not good.
In cooking; there are so many different techniques, flavors, ingredients…and if we don’t experiment either on our own or with a recipe already given to us; then we will never know what we can fully achieve with the recipe or as cooks ourselves. Don’t be afraid to experiment. I have tossed 2 meals in the trash in the last 2 days. One meal I have no clue on how to make it likeable for Don and I, and the other…well, we have some ideas.
Also, posting on Inner Chef that you are having problems with a recipe lets us help you. We have so many members from all over the world; so just think about the possibilities.
I am working on getting a page up on Inner Chef so that anyone can post their questions or helpful ideas. A way to bring our Inner Chef family closer together. Inner Chef is also available on Facebook (where it actually began) and I would like to make a page where we can all come together like on we do on Facebook.
So please, continue to post your recipes, ask for help, be a part of the Inner Chef family and who knows where we as cooks can go from here. Dig deep for that inner chef; play in the kitchen…..yes, I am telling you to play with your food
Have a great day!
Enjoy your kitchen, your food and your inner chef.
~Carolyn and the Inner Chef staff

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