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VIDEO: How To Make Turkey Roulade

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(Via Saveur)

What You Will Need:

Whole Turkey Breast

Sharp Knife

Meat Tenderizer


Kitchen Twine

Sheet Pan

What To Do:

Place the turkey breast skin side down and make some cuts to splay it open. (You can be kind of sloppy about this—you just want to make it thinner.) Then pound it out to get it a bit thinner with a meat tenderizer. Place the stuffing in the center, eyeballing the amount that will best fit inside, then roll it up into a compact shape and tuck in the ends, so that it’s almost like a football shape. With four separate pieces of twine, tie it up at one-inch intervals along the length of the roast, then take one more piece of twine and tie up lengthwise. Transfer it to a sheet tray, season it with salt and pepper, and then roast it in the oven. Let it rest for about ten minutes after roasting before slicing.

Saveur Magazine

Saveur Magazine


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