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Easy Fish Tacos

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A few years back; I saw a commercial on television for “Fish Tacos” from Long John Silver’s and I thought to myself, “That sounds disgusting!” I love fish and I love tacos, but never in my life would I have paired the two.

My husband decided to try one for lunch one day and returned home to tell me how great they were. He finally talked me into trying it.

That first bite was delicious, the second bite was even better! The flavors of the sauce were…HOT! My mouth and my tongue were on fire! But once a month; I continued to put my mouth through the terror just so that I could have something delicious.

Today, having fish for dinner, having leftover flour tortilla shells that needed using; I thought I would jump in and make my own. The problem was the sauce. How did LJS make their sauce? I couldn’t find a recipe and every recipe I found online was going to be white or be SPICY! I needed to come up with a sauce that would be tasty, yet not so much heat that my tongue would need a vacation in Alaska when I finished eating.

I brought out the mayo (I knew I wanted this as my base), I brought out the taco sauce….nope, not it. I searched my fridge, my pantry, my seasoning cupboard, and my fridge again and I found it! I would use mayo and Maggi® Sweet Chili Sauce. The sauce has a bit of a kick but not a lot for baby like me. The combination of sweet and spicy, paired with the mayo was perfect!

I added some finely shredded lettuce, Colby-Jack cheese and I was eating a great Fish Taco!


Easy Fish Tacos

4 Breaded fish, baked at directed until crispy

4 Flour tortilla shells, warmed

Finely shredded lettuce

Finely shredded Colby-Jack cheese

Real mayo (I used Hellmanns)

Maggi brand Sweet chili sauce

The sauce is to taste:

Mix mayo and chili sauce together. Spoon over warmed tortilla.

Lay fish on one side of shell, top fish with lettuce, cheese and drizzle additional sauce over cheese. Fold shell over fish and enjoy!



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