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Razzleberry Freezer Jam

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Razzleberry Freezer Jam    Makes: Seven 8oz. freezer jars

I love homemade jams, but I don’t have much patience when it comes to waiting to taste my creations. Freezer jams are the easiest, the fastest, the cleanest way to make delicious jams for you and your family. This recipe is no exception.

What You Will Need:

Freezer-safe canning jars (I recommend using Ball® Freezer Jam Jars)

1 packet Freezer jam pectin (I used Mrs. Wages® No Cook Freezer Jam Pectin for this recipe)

24 oz. fresh raspberries

12 oz. fresh blackberries

1 ½ cups sugar


1. Put your fruit into a large, non-metal bowl. Using a potato masher; mash the fruit.

In a small bowl; combine the pectin and sugar. Stir pectin mix into the berries and stir for 3 minutes. It is VERY important to stir for these 3 minutes. The sugar will dissolve and the pectin will begin its magic.

2. After washing and drying your jars; fill them with the fruit mixture. Wipe away any jam from the rims and add lids.

3. Let sit for 30 minutes so the jam will thicken. Store in freezer for up to 6 months or your fridge for up to 3 weeks.

mrswages_2267_9952214  12100152  DSCN0014-001DSCN0016-001

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