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I have canned foods in the past; but it has been awhile so I wasn’t sure if I remembered all the rules of the game. And I have never canned Bread and Butter Pickles before, so this added to my nervousness. While shopping last year I found BALL® Canning supplies us with everything we need; whether we are newbies or old pros. I picked up the kit last year and this year I added to my canning necessities by purchasing the “Utensil Kit for Preserving” (also by BALL®).

Because there are so many ideas and recipes for canning pickles (or anything for that matter); getting confused at which one to use if not a difficult task….and if you are doing it for the first time….the confusion intensifies.

I found a remedy for this and it comes from the company; Fire and Flavor®.  They have packets for different types of pickles, salsa, and beets and not to mention the array of products they sell to make our lives a little easier and tastier!

So, I urge anyone who wishes to take that leap into canning; to put forth the $25-$30 and get the kits we talked about…you won’t be sorry.

Now, I am ready and even more excited than ever to begin my canning!

And as I practice; the more I will can and the more I can; the more at ease I will be in trying different recipes. Tops off to you and your summer/fall canning!


DSCN9870 DSCN9872 DSCN9874

DSCN9947-001  Had to show off my works of pickling art! They are sweet but there is a bit of a bite at the end…not too much; just enough.



  1. Glad you like the seasonings!

    Keep us all updated with some pictures of your creations.

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