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Chicken Caesar Quesadilla Tacos

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Don and I have done it again…okay this was Don’s idea but I perfected it….

It combines Chicken Caesar with the art of a quesadilla and taco. It was amazing and we cannot wait to have this again!

DSCN9464-001  DSCN9467-001

 I used our Chicken Caesar recipe; using chicken tenderloins and slicing them thin.

Using a burrito sized flour tortilla shell; place sliced chicken to one side and then sprinkle with shredded Monterey Jack cheese and fold over the shell.

 Heat skillet on medium high heat and lightly brush outside of tortilla shell with melted butter (I used clarified butter). Place filled and folded tortilla shell in pan and when golden brown; turn over. Remove when golden brown.

To serve; place tortillas on plate and spoon Caesar salad over top.

Use a knife and fork….or fold over each one and enjoy the salad in every bite.

With the Caesar salad; I used Green Leaf Lettuce in place of Romaine lettuce.




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