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I went to the market today and found an interesting fruit; the Kiwano Melon (or Horned Melon). I asked the produce man if I could taste it…not a problem (I love my KROGER produce people!).

The texture is that of warm Jell-O and the flavor; is not sweet; a combination of cucumber, a melon of some sort, and kiwi… I bought it on the spot. Now, what do I do with it?

I first had to do some investigating on this odd little melon that doesn’t even taste like the melons I am familiar with. I found some interesting facts about Kiwano Melon that I would like to share with all of you….


Kiwano Melon (Horned Melon) 101


The Kiwano Melon was originally from Southwestern Africa. It contains an emerald

green flesh with soft, edible seeds. The flavors change depending upon how ripe the melon actually is.  Some believe the taste of be reminiscent of melon and cucumber, others see it as having a hint of kiwi. Some still see it as having a hint of banana and lime (I guess it depends on your taste buds).


Choose: Choose a firm, intact horned melon colored yellow or orange. When ripe, it has a brilliant orange color.

Avoid: Avoid a dull or spotted melon.



At room temperature or in the fridge: 10 days



Rinse, peel, then cut the melon into thin slices or cubes, or make into juice.



Kiwano (or Horned Melon) juice can be used instead of vinegar in vinaigrette. For a thirst-quenching drink; add lemon or lime juice, sugar and orange liqueur to the melon juice. Its flesh can be used in sauces, soups, salads, sorbets and yogurts.



Did you know that this melon is 90.4% water and is an excellent source of Vitamin C?





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