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Happy Father’s Day!

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I have so many wonderful memories of my dad!

He taught me how to play baseball, after begging with him and assuring him I was up to the task; he taught me how to mow the lawn (something I still love to do today).

Because of my dad; my memories of filled with summer Saturdays of Tiger baseball and cook-outs, winters filled with snowmobile rides and ice fishing. He is one who liked to surprise us with walks into town; complete with ice cream cones and/or a stop at Tom’s Market for penny candy.

He shared his love of camping, fishing, sports, and outdoor cooking.

He was there for me when I was diagnosed with Epilepsy and suffered horrible grand mal seizures.

As I grew, his gray hairs unfolded and the wrinkles appeared (they had good reason…trust me).

As I grew, his role as my dad never changes; I go to him when I need advice, I can rely on him to be honest and give it to me straight.

There is no other dad I would rather have in my life; there is nothing I would change about growing up (even the lost thumb nail due to a baseball batting lesson).

I share with my children, the memories of family baseball games at 11pm in the backyard, family camping trips, and the special trips to the A&W or roller skating with pizza after. I share with them my memories of my dad because I want them to understand and to know how important it is to be a part of your child’s life; to be there for them no matter what.

I love you dad; yesterday, today and forever!

My dad is an amazing dad! My dad is an amazing grandpa! My dad is an amazing man!

Wonder if he’s free for a game of baseball….



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