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Mother’s Say The Darndest Things

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Mother’s Say the Darndest Things
I am always finding that throughout my days and years of motherhood; I am becoming my mom. Not just in the words that I say but how I say them, how I hold my hands (on my hips while standing tall), arms folded (in disbelief that one of my kids would actually do something like that) with the left eyebrow up and the right eyebrow down…

There are times I say something and I swear that my mom was in the room with me and she spoke before I did. My kids have pointed this out numerous times; “Mom, you sound just like grandma!” All this time I thought they were referring to what I was saying not how I was saying it and what I sounded like while saying it.

My mom had a few favorites that she used on us and I found them extremely handy when I became a mom.
Things like:
“You will eat what I make you or you don’t eat!”
“Because I said so!”
“Pick up your toys or I will throw them out!” (and she did!)
“CAROLY FAY!!!” (I heard that one quite often)
“I am going to count to 3!”
“Were you born in a barn?”
“I am not heating the outdoors!”
“Wash your hands”
“Brush your teeth”
“Eat your vegetables”

But my favorite…
“I love you!”

My mom held me when I was scared or sick, she took the time and made me beautiful clothes, she taught me to cook, to parent, to love and to understand that not everything is the way we want it; we just need to be happy with what we have and make the best of it.

My mom made awesome birthday cakes, put Mr. Bubble in our pool in the summer, let us run through the freshly dried sheets on the clothes line. She allowed us to be who we were; no matter who that person was; creative, shy, outgoing…we were who were and she wanted us to be the best we could be.
My mom was stern yet loving; there was never a time that she reprimanded us for doing wrong and still didn’t let us know we were loved.

My mom is an amazing woman. She put up with a lot from me (I was not always this perfect person who sits before the laptop today), yet she continued to love me and nurture me, she continues to love me and nurture me…let’s face it; no matter how old we get…we never stop needing our moms.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the women who influence children; moms, grandmothers, aunt, sisters, cousins…
May you remember that no matter how bad it gets at times; we will always appreciate you, trust in you, look up to you, and we will always love you.


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