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Strawberries 101

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Strawberries 101

The fruit of the strawberry plant, the most widespread temperate-climate plant in the world. Some strawberry varieties are originally from the temperate regions of Europe, while others are from North and South America. Strawberry varieties vary in size, texture, color and flavor. The smaller, juicier and tastier wild strawberry is the ancestor to the cultivated strawberries.



Choose: Firm, glossy and well-colored strawberries. Check the conditions of the strawberries at the bottom of the container.

Avoid: Soft, dull and moldy strawberries.



Strawberries are perishable. Avoid exposing them to sunlight or leaving them at room temperature.

In the Fridge: 2-3 days, packed loosely, unwashed and unhulled, after removing any damaged strawberries. Cover to avoid any their smell being absorbed by other foods.

In the Freezer: Whole, sliced, quartered or crushed, with or without sugar, after removing any overripe strawberries.
Strawberries will keep their shape if not completely defrosted.



Wash strawberries before hulling, when about to use. Use cold water without letting them soak.



Strawberries are very often eaten plain, whole, cut or crushed. They can be eaten raw with yogurt or ice cream, dressed with whipped cream or alcohol, or dipped in chocolate fondue. Strawberries can be cooked in pies, cookies, mousses, soufflés, flans, puddings and cakes. Strawberries are used decoratively, to garnish hors d’oeurvres or cheese platters.


Did you know that strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C?
Eaten in quantity, strawberries are a laxative. Strawberry essence is used in beauty treatments.

Infused strawberry leaves counteract diarrhea, while an infusion made from the roots is said to have a diuretic effect.




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