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Gettin’ Our Redneck On in Evansville, Indidiana!


When Don and I travel; it isn’t just to see the sights, the family and/friends…it’s about the food. We love to stop at small supermarkets in different towns or cities because you never know what you will find.

Remember; supermarkets sell items depending on the location of their stores. For example; you will find items in a local IGA located in Louisiana that you will not find in California. Whether it is produce, seafood, canned goods…it’s all about location, so when we travel we like to check out what others may carry that we cannot get at home.

On our recent visit to Evansville, Indiana (I know it isn’t that far from home); we stopped at the local IGA Supermarket. When I go to Evansville; I always have to stop someplace there so that I can bring home SKI soda. We don’t have it here in Indianapolis so a couple of times a year; I treat myself.

As we walk through the local IGA in Evansville, we would notice something different; say to one another, “I haven’t seen that in years!”  “I remember this growing up!” or “hmmm, should we give it a shot?” and the shopping begins.
On this particular day as we approached the finishing line of our shopping excursion; we looked into the basket, realized what we had and then the words of humor fell from Don’s lips, “Looks like we’re gettin’ our redneck on.” (Said with that Jeff Foxworthy southern drawl)… I about died!

Now, I don’t mean to offend anyone. My paternal grandparents, who were from Tennessee, would not take offense to this so it’s going to print.

My suggestion to everyone; on your next outing to another state or city, or even county…hit the local supermarket (the smaller hometown markets are the best!) and see what you can see. Hit the spice isle for some spices you can’t find in your neck of the woods, make a be-line for the chip isle for some interesting items to snack on…but the 2 areas of the supermarkets that I truly recommend; the produce and meat sections!  Check out the fruits and veggies and the different meats available in other parts of your state, your country or your world.

The local markets near Kentucky Lake have amazing smoked meats available that I cannot find here at home or even close to home for that matter.




(Oh, the PEEPS..55 cents a peice!!!!)




3 thoughts on “Gettin’ Our Redneck On in Evansville, Indidiana!

  1. I am surprised you can’t get Jiffy mixes in Indianapolis because they are made in Chelsea, Michigan, and not so far away.

  2. Too funny! But we must be natural rednecks in KS b/c that’s all stuff we have on a regular basis, well except for that brand of soda and barbecue sauce. I don’t think I’m a true redneck, but I always joke that I am cuz I can really dig some redneck food! lol!

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