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Product Review: OXO Tongs

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OXO Good Grips® Kitchen Tongs

by: Correen Coultas

How many times have you heard, “You get what you pay for,” or, “If you’re willing to pay more money you’ll get better quality,”?   That may be the case some of the time and I may even venture to say most of the time, but that is not the case with kitchen tongs.

I had acquired a set of All Clad® tongs.  They were free as part of a promotional set.  I knew of the quality of All Clad® so I was excited.  My go-to tongs were rusted and well-worn.  The All Clad® tongs are of made of heavy stainless steel. This makes for awkward handling and it takes more effort to squeeze the handles shut.  The handles lock for easy storage.  The business end of the tongs was scalloped but flat.  When squeezed together, 5 of the scallops meet.   They did not work well for gripping or flipping for the grill or out of a pan or off a baking sheet.  Combine that with an opening of 30 degrees, this made picking up large cuts of meat almost impossible.  So disappointing!

allclad tongs allclad tongs-001

I have many OXO Good Grips® products in my kitchen so I thought I would try the tongs.  It was love at first use!  I purchased 2 sets: one 9 inch locking tongs with non-stick, heat resistant nylon tips, and one 12 inch regular locking tongs.  You get nice control with the soft grip handles that prevent burns when the steel heats up.  The scalloped edges of the tongs are slightly bent and slightly curved which makes it perfect for picking up even small items.  When squeezed together, only the very tips of the tongs touch.   The handles open a full 45 degrees to grab even the thickest of steaks or roasts.  The handles lock for easy storage and the locking mechanism doubles as a hanger if you choose to hang your utensils instead of placing them in drawers.  I even asked for another 12 inch set for Christmas, this time with the nylon tips.  I love them all!  OXO® even makes a 16 inch set which is perfect for the grill.  They pick up shrimp, asparagus (one spear or a stack of spears) and steaks with the greatest of ease.

oxo tongs oxo tongs-001

Depending on the size you desire, these tongs run anywhere from $9.00 to $20.00.   I have seen them in many department stores, specialty stores and online.   I am sure you will find that this product will become your favorite go-to kitchen utensil.

5 Star Program Biotechnology Calendar   (Inner Chef Note: Correen actually gave OXO Tongs a rating of 5+ stars!)

OXO® photo by

All Clad® photo by

I am not being compensated by this company for this review.  It is my own opinion ~ Correen Coultas.


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