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Product Review: Prego Italian Sauce

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by Correen Coultas

If it is not summer and the height of tomato season, I will reach for a jar of spaghetti sauce; but that jar has to be Prego® Italian sauce.   I know there are all kinds of pasta sauces and I have tried many of them, but Prego® is what it says: 100% natural, classic Italian sauce.  I know it is made by the Campbell’s® soup company, but apparently they did their research.

I will be honest and say that some of the Prego® varieties are not as good as others.  I think all the sauces that contain parmesan cheese are gritty and the cheese flavor is not as prevalent as I would like.  The bell pepper varieties are too overpowering for my liking.  Some of the sauces with additions of veggies just don’t cut it when it comes to flavor; the texture is there, but not the flavor.  The health smart varieties are very similar in ingredients and nutritional value to the regular so you can decide if you really need to switch.  I would suggest adding fresh basil to those health smart varieties to boost the flavor.

My favorite Prego® sauce is the tomato basil garlic Italian sauce.  It has just the right amount of basil and garlic to complement the tomato.  After all, that is the holy trinity of Italian sauces!  It is perfect for spaghetti, pasta bakes, lasagna, and even as a pizza sauce.  It also makes a great dipping sauce for foccacia bread or mozzarella sticks.  Adding your own pan-roasted mushrooms or pan-roasted chunky veggies will add another dimension of flavor to the already flavorful sauce.

Prego® comes in a 26 oz jar or a 67 oz jar.  It is also one of those household staples that goes on sale several times a year and coupons are readily available.  I have purchased the 67 oz jar for less than the 26 oz jar during those times.  Just divide the sauce into zip top baggies and freeze flat.  It thaws in no time and does not affect the flavor or texture of the sauce.

So enjoy your inner Italian and spread the sauce!

4 stars


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I am not being compensated by this company for this review.  It is my own opinion ~ Correen Coultas


One thought on “Product Review: Prego Italian Sauce

  1. Prego has always been my favorite Sauce. My Husband will by store brand or Ragu. But even when he does that he buys the smallest jar of Prego for me. He knows that I like it best. I can’t seem to convert him. He thinks it gives him intestinal problems. But I don’t see how Prego could and a store brand couldn’t. So my go to always Prego Regular or Original what ever it is called. Thanks for the review

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