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The Great Chicago Frozen Pizza Debate

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The Great Chicago Frozen Pizza Debate


Two frozen pizzas; each claiming to be authentic Chicago pizza and each claiming to be the best; but who wins Inner Chef’s taste challenge?

Noted that these are different pizzas; 100% different. One is deep dish; one is ultra thin, one without toppings, the other with toppings. So, how, you ask, do we have a fair taste test? Well, we took what was available and the type of pizza we liked…we then shared and compared. We compared the crust, the sauce, the cheese, and overall taste

Here is what we found:

Gino’s East of Chicago

Crust: Thick crust is right! The taste and texture of the crust was on the money. There was no “floury” taste that happens with some crusts; it was light with a corn flour taste. I loved it!

Sauce: Chef Boyardee! That is what this sauce tasted like. It had that processed tartness that comes in a Chef Boyardee Pizza sauce can.

Cheese: Thick, smooth and creamy! Lots of cheese for you cheese lovers.

Overall Taste: The crust paired perfectly with the creamy cheese center; I just couldn’t get past that processed sauce taste, even the parm cheese on top tasted processed.

One more thought: The pizza took longer in the oven than directed on the box. The sauce still was not “bubbly” as they wanted…but my crust was beginning to burn. The bottom crust was perfect, yet the crust around the side was too hard to enjoy.

DSCN8864            DSCN8873

Home Run Inn

Crust: Even for a thin crust; it had perfect texture. But there was a very off taste to the crust; almost as if the yeast were bad. We didn’t care for the crust.

Sauce: This sauce tasted as if it were made minutes before we put the pizza in the oven. Our taste buds were slap-happy with delight! The perfect amount of spices and herbs; this sauce was amazing!

Cheese: The cheese melted smoothly and tasted fine…like cheese.

Overall Taste: This pizza had toppings; the pepperoni was the best ever! The sausage was a bit spicy for our taste buds. The sauce was the ingredient that held this pizza


One more thought: If it were not for the perfect sauce and delicious pepperoni; this pizza would have been a wash-out.

DSCN8866  DSCN8870

FINAL THOUGHT: Gino’s East and Home Run Inn need to marry and combine crust and sauce; Gino’s crust and Home Run’s sauce…it would be a non-stoppable pizza at that point and worth the $8.99 cost per pizza. Even though we purchased the pizzas at a great sale price; we won’t be running to the market to get them again until after the wedding.

WINNER: Gino’s East….but not because it won by a landslide. We could not allow the toppings to be a factor in voting, since only one pizza had toppings. We clearly went with the cheese and the crust on this one.


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