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Easter Egg Dyes without Vinegar

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Decorating Easter Eggs without the Vinegar

Everyone loves to decorate Easter eggs, but who likes the house smelling like vinegar? Not me; so Kasi and I got together and tried out some new ways to decorate eggs without using vinegar….and they work!


Kool-Aid Dyes

2/3 cup of water

1 envelope Unsweetened Kool-Aid drink mix

Add water and drink mix to a cup and stir until mix is dissolved.

Dip your egg and let sit in water mixture until the color you desire. Lay out to dry.

DSCN8847  DSCN8852  DSCN8853


Shaving Cream Eggs

1 can inexpensive shaving cream

Bright food colors


1. Wearing gloves; spay and spread shaving cream onto parchment or waxed paper.

2.  Drop food coloring into shaving cream and then take a toothpick and swirl colors together.

3. Roll hard-boiled egg into shaving cream and set aside to dry. When shaving cream has dried; rinse off under cold-running water and pat dry.

DSCN8848  DSCN8849 (2)  DSCN8857  DSCN8858

Inner Chef Note: I am sure my colors from the Shaving Cream dying would have been better if I would have let the shaving cream dry completely. I just couldn’t wait any longer!



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