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The Winter Weekend Menu

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With the weekend weather not looking so good; I have decided to plan my weekend meals ahead of time. Breakfast came to mind first.

Sunday came to mind first; strata! Spinach and Mushroom strata! The best strata I have ever had was while we were skiing at Boyne Mountain a few years ago, and I am going to give it my best to do them proud.

Saturday will be omelets. Not sure what type…but omelets it is!

Friday will be one of my all-time favorites; LUCKY CHARMS!

I am not too worried about lunch or dinner because we have so much stocked in our freezer from when I “make and freeze”. We have Ham & Bean soup, Chili, Tacos, Marina sauce, along with fish, potatoes, and other goodies to choose from.

Spinach crepes do come to mind for lunch one day. Savory crepes filled with…with…that is where I get stuck. I can fill a sweet crepe with so many wonderful things, but when it comes to filling a savory crepe; I am lost. Crepes are so easy to make and they don’t take long at all, but the filling for a savory crepe is another thing.




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