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Product Review: The Original Dish Drying Mat

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by Correen Coultas

Sometimes I wonder what the point is to having a dishwasher when you still have to wash many dishes by hand.  And if I am going to wash a few, why not the whole sink full!  Having a dish drainer on the counter conveniently holds the dishes while they dry, but then it seems the drainer stays on the counter and takes up valuable space.  The drainer is bulky and unsightly.  I never have been able to find a storage place for it except in the basement and who wants to run to the basement everyday when it is time to do dishes?  I have used a towel on the counter many times because that it is easily thrown into the laundry when done.  However, when I didn’t have time to put the dishes away right away, the towel was soaked, water dripped onto the floor and the towel didn’t always smell the greatest.

dish drying mat1

Photo: Original

Photo: Original


Then I found the Original® Dish Drying Mat.  I had used microfiber cloths before.  They are excellent for wiping off cars after a wash or wiping out the tub of the washing machine.  I figured this would work just fine.

The mat is a thin piece of foam surrounded by super absorbent microfiber cloths.  The cloth wicks away moisture very quickly and many times the dishes or utensils are dry before the last dish is washed.  I have turned spoons or plastic lids cup-side down onto the mat and instead of moisture pooling in the lid or spoon, the cloth absorbs it all.  It also works well as a cushion for fine glassware or a stabilizer for appliances in action on the counter.  The mat comes in 4 colors (although not the most fashionable of choices) and 2 sizes.  It is easily machine washed (no fabric softener) and it may be tumbled dry with no dryer sheets – the residue from the softener and dryer sheets actually inhibit the absorbing power of the cloths.  They are very reasonably priced from $3.99 – $4.99.

There are several stores that carry knockoffs of these mats.  I have seen some that are reversible, having 2 colors, or one solid colored side and one printed side.  Those mats were at least $1.00 cheaper than the Original® Dish Drying Mat.

My counter is no longer cluttered with a dish drainer.  I was able to find a color that matched my kitchen so that if I have to leave the mat out, it is not a distraction.  Buying two enables me to have one in use while the other is being dried.  I can’t complain about this easy solution to an age-old situation!

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I am not being compensated by this company for this review.  It is my own opinion ~ Correen Coultas



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