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Don’s Easy Wings

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Don’s Easy Wings

(Don makes these every Superbowl and I can never get enough of them! This recipe is great for the first-time wing maker or a seasoned wing-maker looking for a great base.)


5 lb. bag frozen wings

Approximately 2 quarts Vegetable oil for frying

Your favorite BBQ sauce (we use Cattleman’s Original)


This will be done in batches NOT all at the same time!

1. In a large stockpot (not frying pan!), heat oil on medium high heat.

2. Rinse wings (amount to be fried only) in water and place wet and frozen wings into hot oil (BE CAREFUL!) Do not fill pot too full with wings. Have a lid available in case of fire (for gas stove). The bubbling and sizzling will calm down.  After the bubbling and sizzling stops, take a long wooden spoon and stir to separate wings (this will be done several times). Cook until skins brown.

3. Using a slotted spoon; remove wings and put on paper towels to drain.  While one batch drains, begin new batch.

4. While still hot, put in large bowl with lid and add sauce. Secure lid tightly and shake wings to coat. Allow wings sit in sauce until ready to serve.

5. Add hot sauce at time of service, if desired. Use separate bowls if using multiple sauces.

Serve with celery and ranch dip.

Dons easy wings-001


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