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Product Review: Ninja Blender

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by Correen Coultas

Over the years I have accumulated various kitchen gadgets and appliances.   I don’t impulse buy the latest and greatest and I don’t use shopping networks and early morning infomercials to guide my purchases.  I know what I do in the kitchen, what types of cooking and baking I do and what I need to get the job done.  I have been quite comfortable with my selections and my kitchen is quite cozy.  And then, my blender literally busted into pieces while making a smoothie.

It was nothing out of the ordinary.  The same routine, the same ingredients, the same mixer plugged into the same outlet.  Apparently my blender decided to protest and never return to my kitchen of comfort.  I was shocked.  I hadn’t bought a new blender in a few years and quite frankly, it didn’t have that many miles on it.  I really liked this model, but I didn’t want to buy another just like it.  I didn’t want a repeat of that disaster.

I did lots of research and the dream blender would be the Blendtec Total Blender.  It is amazing.  It will chop, mix and puree anything you could put in it.  Even rubber tires and iphones if you need more space for recycling!  But for $400, it just wouldn’t be worth it to me.  I just don’t use a blender all that much and I didn’t need a multitasking wood chipper either.

I did come up with a solution – The Ninja® Professional Blender & Single Serve.  As with all blenders that I have had and have read about, the number one complaint is the noise.  The Ninja® is no disappointment there.  With 1100 watts, noise it has, but you don’t have to have it on long for it to do its job.

I was a little concerned about the sturdiness of the pitcher.  It is made of plastic – BPA free, of course – (my other blender was made of glass and I loved that!).  But the 72 oz. pitcher has a tight fitting lid with convenient pour spout and locking mechanism in the handle.  So far it has been fine.

This blender has 6 blades surrounding a removable column spaced apart so that food moving up the blender will get chopped instead of getting stuck in the bottom.  No more stopping the blender, mixing the contents by hand, and mixing again.  No problem with blending fruits or veggies either.  I didn’t even have clumps of protein powder in the smoothie.  Ice is no match for this powerhouse, to make chunks, crushed ice or snow!  Oh, and those blades are SHARP!!!    Please be careful when handling the blade column.  When I rinsed the blades off before using the first time, I took a paper towel to collect the moisture off the column and the blades ripped through the paper towel and a fingernail.  I really thought I was being careful.  Luckily you can put water in the blender with a drop of dish soap and blitz it clean, then air dry the blades – a much better option than bloodshed.

The blender has 3 speeds with the pulsing option for each.  If you choose to use the single serve option on the blender, there is a button for that specifically.  The blender will only operate on that setting if the single serve 16 0z cup is attached to the blender motor.  The blender stays put with its non-slip base.  You can’t just scoot this appliance across the counter and it doesn’t move while in action.

Clean up was quite easy and the pitcher can go in the dishwasher, along with the single serve cups.  Just watch those blades!

The Ninja® comes in several models: the blender alone, the blender and single serve cups, and the blender with a separate shorter pitcher used like a food processor.   The price range is $99 to $299, before sales and discounts.  I look for sales so I got mine at a Macy’s® one day sale, in the morning, where the discount was the greatest.   The single serve model comes with 2- 16 0z. cups with travel lids.

The Ninja® fits well into my kitchen.  Comfort is restored.  I hope this blender plans on staying around for a long time.

  4 stars

Photo: Ninja

Photo: Ninja



I am not being compensated by this company for this review. It is my own opinion ~ Correen Coultas


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