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PASTA POINTERS: Measuring Pasta

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PASTA POINTERS: Measuring Pasta

In a recipe; you may see the amount of pasta either is ounces or cups…and this is because they are all shaped so differently.

Uncooked pasta that you can easily pour into a cup is measured by volume (cups) and long pasta such as spaghetti is usually measured by weight. Below are some conversions for pasta.

PASTA                                                  DRY WEIGHT                COOKED VOLUME

Medium Egg Noodles                                     4 cups                                   5 cups

Elbow Macaroni                                             2 cups                                   4 cups

Penne                                                          2 cups                                    4 cups

Spaghetti                                                        8 oz.                                3 ½ cups

Linguine                                                          8 oz.                                    4 cups

Fettuccine                                                       8 oz.                                     4 cups

Angel Hair                                                      8 oz.                                   3 ½ cups



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