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Weirdest Kitchen Gadgets


While searching around Google for nothing in particular; I decided to check out the weirdest kitchen gadgets of this past year. I could not believe what I found! Some were genius, some…a waste of money in my opinion.

I wanted to share with you what I had found. Enjoy!

1. Pepper Pro Automatic Peppermill with LED Light from Wrappables: This can come in handy when you are using white pepper or grinding pepper in a power outage. Cost: $43.95



2.  Musical Cake Slicer from I am sorry…really? What happened to just singing Happy Birthday? Cost: $18.00



3. SensorFreshQ from FQSI: This gadget will be of great use if you have a stuffy nose or just cannot tell what is bad and what is good by looking at it. This gadget actually “sniffs” the meat or poultry for you and lets you know if it’s bad. Cost: $89.95



4. Butter Wizard from Alfille Innovations Ltd, this butter dish is battery operated and designed to give your butter the perfect temperature for service. I think my grandma’s butter dish and removing the butter 30 minutes before service is good enough for me. Cost: $55.95 and up



5. Melitta Smart Mill & Brew 10-Cup Coffeemaker by Salton is a pretty cool coffee maker! It gives you time, outdoor weather, 7 different grinds, pause-to-pour, and a warming plate (all coffee makers have this). Cost: $99.95



6. Zero Gravity Magnetic Spice Rack by is definitely something I would be interested in purchasing for myself! Cost: $35.99



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2 thoughts on “Weirdest Kitchen Gadgets

  1. LOL! Don’t forget the banana slicer, everyone must have one of those. The world would crumble without banana slicers! I do like that magnetic spice rack b/c it’s a space saver and has a fresh look.

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