Inner Chef

Enjoy your kitchen, your food and your inner chef

Happy Sunday!

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Good Morning!

Well, I am  into the new year and I cannot find my passion for grilling. Usually we will grill all year around; winter, spring, summer and fall…but this winter…not in the mood so much.

I have looked at my photos and recipes to entice my tastebuds, I have checked out new recipes but wish I could make them indoors and not outdoors, Now that the snow is melting and we are to get some very nice temperatures this week; that will all change.

I am craving grilled pork chops, grilled chicken, grilled steak and burgers..even grilled pineapple! Maybe, just maybe this week the cravings will win out and the grill will get hot and the food will fly (so to speak).

I want to try some new grill recipes; so if you have any, I would be very happy to give them a try. Afterall, nothing is sweeter than the aroma of perfectly grilled foods swaying into the neighbor’s yards and into my open windows.

Have a wonderful day everyone!
Enjoy your kitchen, your food and your inner chef.



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