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Happy New Year!

This has been a busy year; new babies (Elijah Gene), new additions to the house (Danny), new loves in the lives of my children (Joshua and Bri), new health issues, new ideas and dreams to name just a few.

But with all of the new things and new people, the old still remains; the old house, the old car, the old hubby (no offense dear), the older kids (Tony, Haley, Kasi and Zachary), the older grandson (Dustin), and me.

I have had new dreams and bettered the old ones. I have had new experiences and bettered the old. I have met new people, made new friends.

I have invented and reinvented recipes, almost caught my new oven on fire, cut off a part of my finger, dropped my glasses in numerous amounts of muffin and cupcake batter, burned numerous amounts of foods (rather it be just a tad or completely), entertained, made my family try recipes for the first (and some for the last) time…the list goes on and on. But all in all; this was an amazing year and I plan to out-do it next year (just like I have done in the past). I plan on enlightening myself to new ways of cooking and baking, trying new foods, experimenting with new gadgets for the kitchen, and organizing (over and over again) my kitchen.

If you get the chance to check out the “Year in Review” please do so. I have made it public so that everyone can see just what you have brought to me this year. I am so excited that people all around the world have looked at our site, read our reviews and have tried our recipes. This is our site; yours, mine and ours; because without all of you…this would not have been possible.

Happy New Year to all of you from all of us at Inner Chef!

Enjoy your kitchen, your food and your inner chef.



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