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Pyrex Liquid Measuring Cup

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When baking, ingredient measurements are critical.  It can mean the difference between a dry, crumbly cake and a moist one.  One would have no problem finding a measuring cup; there is an abundance of styles and colors, not to mention the materials they are made of.  There is: zinc, stainless steel, plastic, glass and all manner of materials in between.  Measuring cups come in plain Jane styles, cutesie kitchen motifs, animal designs and many others.  Some cups are sturdy, some flimsy, some only worthy of hanging on a wall or sitting on a shelf as decoration.   The real test of the worth of a measuring cup (or spoon for that matter) is:  Is it worth its weight? Literally.   If you can put a liquid substance in a measuring cup and its weight equals the conversion amount, it’s a keeper.  The following chart should help to clear up any confusion – don’t forget to subtract the weight of the measuring cup or zero out the scale before you start!


That’s why I like the Pyrex® liquid measuring cup.  Pyrex® glassware is found in kitchens all over and it has proven to be dependable for over 97 years!  (How many
of you have inherited your mother’s or grandmother’s Pyrex® measuring
cup?)  The cup is made of glass, right here in America.  It is sturdy and easy
to read with its signature red lines.  It comes in various sizes, ranging from 1 cup to 8 cups.  The price range starts at $4.00.

I have been happy with my 4 cup measuring cup for over 20 years.  I decided that I would like to find a 2 cup measuring cup to use for the smaller tasks.
And since Pyrex® had been doing such a great job with it measuring tools I decided to go to back to the pros.  But I hesitated when I saw the new designs.  I settled on the new funnel-shaped cup.  I got the same consistent measuring results and the new shape is great for stacking; it saves space in the cupboard.  The handle design makes the cup easier to hold.


But it was the newest design that really made me cringe.  This new cup is made to read from the inside of the cup while standing.  That idea was genius.  But whatever possessed them to put a band of red paint around the main measurements is beyond me.  The paint makes it so hard to read!  When you measure liquids in this cup, you will not get consistent results.  This was not a good investment.


There was talk that Pyrex® was going to discontinue their measuring cup and just go with the newly painted band cup, but according to its website, they will continue to make the other as well.  Whew!  I am happy about that.  Companies need to learn that when they have a great product, there is no need to “improve”.

Funnel-shaped cup: 5 Star Program Biotechnology Calendar

New painted cup: 2 stars

I am not being compensated by this company for the review of its products.  It is my own opinion ~ Correen Coultas



 INNER CHEF NOTE:  Please understand that weight (dry ounces, pounds, etc.) is not the same as volume (pint, quart, gallon).  Measuring cups made for liquids will not give you the same measurement as those made for dry ingredients. When baking, it is essential to use the proper measuring cups. There are cups out there that are made for both. The Pyrex cup pictured here is not for weight, but for volume. Pampered Chef makes a measuring cup that is designed for use with both weight and volume. You may also want to try a digital kitchen scale for your weight measurments.

Photo: Pampered Chef

Photo: Pampered Chef


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