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Peppermint Holiday Wreath

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Make a Fun Christmas Wreath from Peppermint Twists

Decorate a wreath with candy canes for a sweet twist on the classic wreath. The iconic holiday confection looks great with little red balls and a red-and-white bow.

What You’ll Need

Plastic foam wreath form

White satin ribbon

Hot-glue gun and glue sticks

Mini candy canes

Small red ornaments

Red and red-and-white striped ribbon


How to Make It

1. Wrap the wreath form with white satin ribbon.

2. Layer candy canes randomly, hot-gluing them into place.

3. Hot-glue ornaments on top of the candy canes.

4. Fashion a bow from three lengths of red ribbon shaped into progressively smaller loops; hot-glue the overlapping ends of each loop together. Wrap a length of the red-and-white striped ribbon around each loop; hot-glue the overlapping ends of the red-and-white striped ribbon loops together.

5. Stack the ribbon loops, and staple them together in the center. Wrap another piece of red ribbon around all three; hot-glue the overlapping ends together. Repeat with a length of red-and-white striped ribbon.

6. Cut two more lengths of the red ribbon and two more of the red-and-white striped ribbon. Lay a striped ribbon over each red ribbon and hot-glue to the back of the looped ribbons.

7. Adhere the entire bow to the bottom of the wreath with hot glue.

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