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Product Review: OXO Pop Plastic Containers


OXO® Pop® Plastic Containers

I am sure everyone looks for storage containers when trying to organize a kitchen or office.  The office storage solutions are pretty straight forward – something to put something else into so you know where to find it.  The kitchen however is another story.  For the kitchen the container has to keep critters and air out while keeping freshness in.  I have gone through my share of storage containers in my years of running a household: Tupperware® (didn’t everyone way back when get Tupperware® for a wedding present?), Rubbermaid®, Ziploc® bags and plastic dishes, Gladware®, reuseable containers that deli meat came in, peanut butter and mayo jars, whatever I could find!   I even put chip clips on bags and put them inside containers.

When I was in the market for better containers, the first thing I considered was the seal.  I didn’t even care what the container itself looked like as long as it kept my pantry staples fresh.  I needed something that was going to be consistently airtight.  I discarded the thoughts of many containers, even remakes of Rubbermaid® because they lacked adequate seals.  Then I saw the OXO® Pop® Plastic Containers.  Luckily there were sitting on a shelf as individual sales so I could actually examine them closely before buying.

I couldn’t help popping the button to open the container.  Just one click and the container opens, another click and the gasket drops into the rim and seals.  It worked well the first time, so I tried it again and watched how the gasket took its place in the container.  And I tried it again and again.  I got the same results so it looked like it was going to be consistent.

I checked the prices.  It was not really what I wanted to pay for a storage container, but I had never seen anything with a seal even close to this anywhere else.  So I only bought one that I would use for a cookie jar.

The coveted Oreos® were placed in the square container and I have to admit, it was a joy just to pop that button anytime I wanted an Oreo®.  The freshness of the cookies actually surprised me.  Not that Oreos® last long in my house, but they stayed fresh until the last cookie was devoured.   But the real test came when my husband and I both got sick and the Oreos® didn’t disappear as quickly.  I noticed that as the cookies sat past a week and a half they turned stale.  I thought that was odd, until I realized one morning that the sun was shining on the counter across from the cookie jar.  I wondered if the sunlight was affecting the freshness of the cookies.  So the next package of Oreos® went into the container and into the cupboard.  Now, the problem with that was that the cookies were out of sight and so they weren’t consumed as quickly either.  It was good for the test though.  Sure enough, the cookies in the cupboard were just as fresh as when I first opened the package.   Now, no matter what I put in the containers, the container goes into the cupboard.  No more sitting out on the counter, so I actually have more counter space too!  A win-win!

I decided to invest in these containers to use for cereal, cat food, trail mix, sugar, flour, pancake mix, chocolate chips, tea bags and several other pantry items.  I waited until the containers were on sale too.  Generally the prices are consistent at every department store (I have even seen some pieces at Kroger), but when Kohl’s has a good sale, you can get the 10- or 5-piece set, or individual containers for 20 to 50% off.   Combine that with any Kohl’s cash you may have and you have a great set of storage containers.

1165700_10 piece POP Container Set

These containers are BPA free, airtight, and stackable.  The sizes range from ¼ quart to 4 quart.  They are only recommended for dry food storage and clean up is a breeze.  The lids come apart easily for hand washing only.  The only cleaning problem I have come across so far is the cat food container.  After losing our sweet Marmalade, I emptied  his food container of its contents and washed it out so I could reuse the container.  The cat food smell was very strong in the container, even after washing a couple of times.  Not wanting to throw money down the drain, I put ¼ cup dry baking soda in the container and let it set for a week.  Then I washed the container again and noticed the smell was going away.  I repeated the process 2 more times and the container no longer smells of cat food.  That was a relief!

OXO® must have noticed that people like their storage containers because they now offer containers with white lids, black lids and steel lids.  The steel lids are heavier and cost more, and since I haven’t purchased the steel lids I am not sure if the heaviness makes the seal more airtight.  I may have to check that out some time. The POP® button now comes in round and square.  And the containers come in square, rectangular or cylindrical.   They even offer a cookie jar that just might be on my Christmas list this year.    I am very happy with my investment!


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I am not being compensated by any company listed in this review for my opinion of these products ~ Correen Coultas. 


4 thoughts on “Product Review: OXO Pop Plastic Containers

  1. Hello! Would you mind if I share your blog with
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    really appreciate your content. Please let me know.

  2. Will do. I told Correen she had a comment to check on. I am interested to see what she thinks also. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  3. Tell Coreen to try using Lock & Lock plastic storage containers. I would be interested to hear how she thinks they compare. These containers come in many different sizes and are good for liquid as well as dry products. They are also diswasher safe on the top shelf. I have been using these for several years and really like them. I purchased mine in a kitchen store outlet and on QVC. They cost more than Rubbermaid but I have had really good luck with them.

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