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Product Review: Pampered Chef vs. Kitchen Aid Can Openers

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In the kitchen the counter space is most coveted.   Trying to keep all the clutter off the counter in order to maintain that space is quite a feat, especially if there are not enough cupboards in which to store all the culinary utensils and appliances.  One of the small things that I did to unclutter my counter was to get rid of my electric can opener.   I really didn’t miss it because I had a hand can opener that set nicely in a drawer taking up next to no space at all.  And, who hasn’t seen one of these beauties or even owned one at one time or another!

After a short time however, I found that the hand opener wasn’t working like it should.  It took more and more effort to turn the handle that reminded me of a giant windup music box key.  On larger cans like coffee or nacho cheese, it rode up the rim of the can and slid right off its “track”.  It was easier sometimes to just poke a bunch of holes in the can lid and let all the liquid drain out slowly.  I often wished I had kept that electric can opener for just these times when I didn’t want a workout in the kitchen!

Then I received a Kitchen Aid gift set of kitchen utensils and in that set was a new hand can opener.  As soon as I put it in my hand I thought we would be friends forever. I liked the way it felt in my hand.  The grip on the can was strong.  The “windup key” was oversized and seemed to help the opener glide effortlessly over the lid of the cans.  I had no qualms about grabbing that opener no matter what size can I had in the pantry.  I babied that opener, taking care to wash it after using and drying it carefully.  And then it happened…as I was opening a can one day the opener skipped right over a good sized section of the can causing me to reset the opener in that spot to cut through it a second time.  I thought I was being in a hurry so I continued more slowly being mindful of each turn of the key.  And it happened again on the same can.  When I finally got the can open and it contents poured into a pan I examined my good friend.  I noticed that one of the gear teeth had gotten rusty and caused the skip.  It was time to get a new opener.

I thought about getting another Kitchen Aid, after all it worked great, felt great and it lasted several years.  In fact, I did purchase another Kitchen Aid hand can opener and didn’t even consider another type or brand.  I could breathe a sigh of relief knowing I could tackle any can once again.

I acquired a Pampered Chef catalog from a colleague and I was curious about all the new gadgets and gizmos – not that I needed more clutter, but hey, that’s what cooks do!  I saw a photo of a “new” can opener, the Smooth-edge can opener.  I read the description and thought I would give it a try.  I did have my trusty Kitchen Aid in the drawer as a back up and I could return the new opener if I didn’t like it.  The Pampered Chef opener claimed to eliminate sharp edges by cutting the middle of the top rim of the can and in doing so the lid would not fall into the can either.  I liked the sound of that already.  It had an oversized knob too so turning it would be easy.  It even has a gripper on the opener that will lift the lid off the can once it is cut.  So I bought it.  It did take a few cans to get used to the way it operated, but once I got the hang of it, I really liked this opener.  No sharp edges either, really.  It did everything it claimed to do and it is quite durable.  I have had the Pampered Chef opener longer than the original Kitchen Aid now and it still works great.  I still have the new Kitchen Aid as a backup if I need it.  I would highly recommend either can opener to replace an electric opener.

Both openers sell for about $15.00 although the Pampered Chef opener does not sell in retail stores.  The Pampered Chef website will help you locate a consultant in your area.

I am not being compensated by either company for this review.  It is my personal opinion ~ Correen Coultas.


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One thought on “Product Review: Pampered Chef vs. Kitchen Aid Can Openers

  1. Great review! I have the Tupperware one that does the same thing and I really like it too. Big grip, removes the lid so that there are no sharp edges, I love it. I’ve had mine about a year and a half and it’s still going strong.

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