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PREPARE YOURSELVES! (How NOT to forget anything this holiday season)

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We have all done it; some of us repeatedly every year; forget something of importance (and it is usually a spice or seasoning) for our holiday meals.

Here is a sure fire way NOT to forget anything this year.

  1. Get out your recipes and make a list of every ingredient and its quantity (2 tsp. 3cups, the recipe (even water). Using a separate piece of paper for each dish. Lay those papers on the table.
  2. Gather all the ingredients you already have and set those ingredients in front of the corresponding paper. If you have dishes that use the same ingredient; set those recipes next to one another.
  3. Use a red or black sharpie and check off those ingredients you have and circle the ones you do not have or are low on.
  4. Make your grocery list. (If using an ingredient in three recipes; make sure you write down the total quantity; i.e. 7 Tablespoons…this way you know exactly what you need).
  5. As you put the items in your cart; cross them off the list. Do not tear the paper next to the name…this can be deceiving at times.

When you get home; double check your recipes with your ingredients at least 2 days prior to the big day. I know this seems like a lot of work, but in the kitchen; organization is key!


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