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Thanksgiving Table Settings

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Milkweed Seeds in Glass Display

Nestled with gourds in a natural woven tray, a glass vase filled with downy milkweed seeds captures the essence of fall’s fleeting finish. White gourds — with hints of yellow — and wispy ginkgo leaves accentuate the pale scheme, while the rough texture of the basket provides a contrasting foundation for the centerpiece.

(Photo and idea from BHG)

Get Crafty with DIY Napkin Holders

Stamp a message and design on cardstock, punch holes on both side, and thread with a coordinating ribbon to create custom napkin holders.

(Photo and idea from Country Living)


Place Card Settings

I did this one and everyone loved it! I took a favorite fall photo; went to and turned it into a place card setting. I added the guest’s names to the top and at the bottom I added why I was so thankful for that person.


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