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Holiday Meal Helpline Numbers


Hotline Help!

We have all been there at one point or another; something doesn’t look right, smell right, we are missing an ingredient, the most important part of our recipe card has been smudged…we call family, friends and neighbors for help but all we get is voicemail….

Have no fear; I am giving you Hotline numbers to help calm the nerves, answer questions and make the dinner perfect.

1. Butterball Turkey Talk-Line


For 30 years, turkey savants have been fielding more than 100,000 questions annually in the weeks before Thanksgiving. Most frequently asked: “How do I thaw this thing?”

2. Crisco Pie Hotline


Let the pie pros coach you past soggy crusts and failed fillings, aided by online instructions at Crisco Pie Central.

3. Kentucky Legend Ham Hotline


These folks give advice on buying, cooking, and carving ham. They also advise home cooks on what to do with all that’s left over. One suggested solution entails using mushrooms and whipping cream to make a version of ham à la king.

4. Loews Wine Line


Certified sommeliers are using the social networking site Facebook to dispense wine pairing advice throughout the holidays, with suggestions catered to your menu delivered within 24 hours. This year’s emphasis is on new-world selections, such as California pinot noir and Washington State Riesling.

5. Ocean Spray Helpline


The experts here can help alleviate cranberry fatigue with fresh recipes for cocktails, salads, and desserts like cranberry—ginger upside-down cake. If you opt against serving canned cranberry sauce, Ocean Spray operators will tell you how to make your own at home.


(Saveur Magazine)





2 thoughts on “Holiday Meal Helpline Numbers

  1. What? No number for them to just come over and make it? ha ha! I watched a show on the people that take these phone calls. It was pretty neat and really was people with years of expertise.

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