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Roast; The Second Time Around

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Nothing beats a warm meal on a cold day…better yet; leftover roast! Easier to prepare than the first time around and faster too!

Sandwiches, over mashed potatoes, over sauerkraut, over bread…anyway that you look at it; roast is always better the next day!

My husband did make it a point to let me know that there were not enough pearl onions with the roast this time (to be honest; I don’t really care for those things) and I don’t know what he meant, I thought there were plenty.

I slow-cooked the roast 9 hours on low and enjoyed not having to use a steak knife to slice it. Come to think of it; the only time I used a knife with dinner last night was to butter my rolls. I cannot take all the credit for this delectable meal. I found a wonderful new item in the gravy isle at my local supermarket. Don’t get me wrong; I loved making my roast from scratch, but with this little packet…no muss, no fuss and it is perfect EVERY TIME!

(Photo: Crock-Pot


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