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Kitchen Knives 101 (Part 2)

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It’s important to know the areas of your knife.

Spine: back of the blade; opposite of the cutting edge.

Tip: pointed end of the blade.

Heel: the back end of the blade closest to the handle. On some knives the blade has a raised part called the “bolster” at the heel end.

Bolster: a guard that helps protect the hand from slips and helps with the weight of the knife.

Tang:  the portion of the metal blade inside the handle. The highest quality, most durable knives have a “full tang” (the tang runs the full length of the handle.

Rivets: hold the handle to the tang. The rivets should be perfectly smooth and flush with the handle.

(This information was taken from a culinary school textbook, “Professional Cooking, 7th Edition)


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