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Cooking Vocabulary 101

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Vocabulary List

Blanch: To cook items partially and briefly in boiling water or hot fat. This is good to loose peels from fruits and vegetables, to partially cook French fries or other foods before freezing or serving.

Boil: Cooking items in water or other liquid that is bubbling very fast and is at least 212˚.

Braise: (1) To cook uncovered in a small amount of liquid, usually after browning. (2) To cook certain vegetables slowly in a small amount of liquid without browning first.

Broil: To cook with high (radiant) heat from above.

Chop: To cut irregular shapes (shapes that do not match).

Creaming: The process of beating fat and sugar together to incorporate air (mostly done with butters and sugar).

Deep fry: To cook by submerging in hot oil.

Deglaze: To swirl a liquid in a sauté pan or other pan to dissolve cooked particles or food remaining on the bottom of the pan.

Dice: To cut into small cubes.

Griddle: To cook on a flat, solid cooking surface.

Grill: To cook on an open grid over a heat source.

Pan-Broil: To cook uncovered in a sauté pan or skillet without fat.

Pan-Fry: To cook in a moderate amount of fat in an uncovered pan.

Parboil: To cook partially in a boiling or simmering liquid.

Poach: To cook gently in water or another liquid that is hot but not actually bubbling (160˚-180˚).

Sauté: To cook quickly in a small amount of fat (usually at a high temperature and stirring constantly).

Sear: To brown the surface of food quickly at a high temperature (usually done with meats).

Simmer: To cook in water or other liquid that is bubbling gently, 185˚ to 200˚.

Steam: To cook by direct contact with steam.

Stewing: Cooking small pieces of meat by simmering or braising.

Sweat: To cook in a small amount of fat over low heat, sometimes covered.

Zest: The colored part of the peel of citrus fruits.


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