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What’s For Lunch

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I made a huge batch of chili today and as I was scooping it into quart sizes bags…it hit me! Why not make some for lunch? I  mean freeze them individually for lunches. It’s easy and as long as you have it to spare; why not save yourself some money and NOT buy those cute little cans or jars that go into the microwave and give yourself or someone else a real homemade treat.

You can do this with stews, soups, mac and cheese..

All I did was this:

1. Take a jumbo muffin pan and spray with veggie spray.

2. Ladle or spoon in chili.

3. Freeze until firm; then release by putting a knife (CAREFULLY) into the side between the food and the muffin tin. They should slip right out.

4. Bag into individual freezer bags and take it work or school. Refrigerate or keep in thermal lunch bag.

They are small enough that by the time you are ready to eat lunch they should be defrosted. Just toss into a bowl or mug and microwave until heated through.



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