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Welsh Rarebit (Traditional)

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Authentic Welsh Rarebit



25 grams (1oz.) Welsh butter*

25 grams (1 oz.) flour

150 ml (5 fluid oz.) milk

75 ml (2-3 fluid oz.) brown ale or stout (e.g. Brains Dark)

175 grams (7oz) strong cheese (e.g. mature cheddar)

1 teaspoon mustard

1-2 teaspoons Worcestershire Sauce

Salt & Pepper

An extra egg yolk

4 slices thick bread – toasted on one side only

To make:

Make a paste out of the flour and butter.

Using a medium saucepan, bring milk to boil, then remove from heat

Whisk in the flour /butter paste.

Return to heat keeping whisking so it doesn’t go lumpy.

Add the cheese – keep stirring as the cheese melts.

Add the beer, mustard and Worcestershire sauce keeping stirring so the mixture thickens up.

Add salt & pepper to taste.

( Whisk in egg yolk at this stage – if using)

Spoon or gently pour onto the untoasted side of the bread.

Place under hot grill until the top goes brown and bubbly.

*Inner Chef Note: “Welsh butter” is a butter made in the UK than contains more salt than normal butter; adding to its flavor



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