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No Sew T-Shirt Tote

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!5 minutes from start to finish! I used a large t-shirt for my tote. Understand that the size of your shirt and the size you wish your tote to be will determine if you should mark 2, 3, or 4 inches up from the bottom of your shirt. You may also want to decrease your strips to 1/2 inch if working with a smaller shirt.

 1. Cut the neck and sleeves from your t-shirt. You can go back late and make the neck larger, if desired.

2. Measure 4 inches up, with a pencil draw a line across your t-shirt. Remember this depends on the size of your shirt. Next, draw lines every 1 inch. Once again this depends on your shirt size.

3. Starting at the left side; take your top fringe and lay over the bottom, then come under. Over and under knot twice for more strength in the tote.

Knot on the outside for the “fringe” look.

 Turn shirt inside out and knot for the a cleaner look.

   The finished project


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