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Healthy Breakfast Plans for Pregnant Women

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Healthy breakfast plans for a pregnant woman should include items from various food groups. Her daily diet should include grains to get energy, fiber, iron, vitamin B and proteins. Fruits and vegetables, especially leafy vegetables should be included. These contain a lot of calcium, vitamins A and C, foliate, iron, potassium and other important nutrients necessary for the health of the pregnant woman and her child. She should eat protein rich foods such as meat, eggs, nuts and beans to get her intake of proteins, B vitamins and iron. Dairy products will supply her and the child with calcium, vitamin A, vitamin D and protein. A woman who is lactose intolerant should increase her intake of leafy vegetables and rich protein sources. It is also important to take in vitamin D by going out in the sun for 15 minutes a day.


A steady supply of fluids is needed to keep the body hydrated and carry nutrients throughout the body. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish, walnuts, soy and canola oil and these are important for brain development.




The baby needs a steady supply of nutrients during the day through the blood stream, so it is important for the pregnant woman to have a healthy breakfast. Some ideas for a healthy breakfast plan for pregnant women are given below.


A white bagel can be substituted by a whole wheat bagel and can be had with strawberry preserves.


Raw oats can be used instead of instant oats, which are highly processed and full of sugar. They can be cooked in milk and topped with raisins, dried cranberries and chopped walnuts for added nutrition.


Caffeine should be avoided during pregnancy. Orange juice is healthier.


A whole wheat muffin can be eaten with a scrambled egg and a slice of cheese.


Omelets can be mixed with a cup of cooked spinach as this provides zinc, calcium, magnesium, iron, folic acid and many more nutrients beneficial to a pregnant woman and her baby.


Scrambled eggs can be made with herbs, cheese, and tomato, shreds of carrots, mushrooms and chopped bell peppers for a tastier and healthier option.


Calcium must be included through milk and dairy products.




One thought on “Healthy Breakfast Plans for Pregnant Women

  1. The best breakfasts to have during your pregnancy are ones that are not full of preservatives and sugar. It is best to include a combination of Protein, fat and carbohydrates for optimal nutritional requirements for both you and baby.

    Maureen Muoneke MD

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