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Guava Chutney

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Guava Chutney

(Chutney is a relish made of fruit, herbs and spices)


1 lb. ripe white Guava

1 cup Vinegar

2 cups Water

1 ½ cups sugar

2 level teaspoons Salt

½ tsp. powdered Pomegranate Seeds (Anar Dana)

2 tsp. Ginger, cut into thin long strips

10 blanched Almonds

Red chili to taste

1. Peel the guavas, cut each into four pieces and remove the seeds. Then slice them into tiny pieces. Cook with ginger, garlic and water. Let them boil and reduce.

2. Add the sugar, crushed cardamoms, vinegar, chilli powder, and almonds and keep cooking until the consistency gets really thick.

3. Set aside. Cool and put in a bowl or jar.

You can serve the guava chutney the next day.



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