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Urad 101

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Urad 101

Urad is the fruit from a plant originally from Asia. It is also known as “black gram” or “Chinese black bean”. The urad pods contain seeds that are black, grayish, brown or dark green. Inside they are a white creamy color.



Boiled: 1 ½ hours

Pressure-cooked: with soaking (15 minutes), without soaking (20-25 minutes).



Immature urad pods are often used as vegetables. With a soft texture and strong taste, urad is prepared in the same way as other legumes (a plant that bears seed pods that split along two opposite sides with ripe).

In Asia, they form the basis of the highly regarded black bean sauce.

In India, they are hulled, split and used with rice to make a sort of flatbread (dhosa) or the spiced lentil purée (dal).

Ground into flour; urad is used to make confectionery, flatbreads and breads.


Did you know that urad is an excellent source of folic acid and magnesium?


(This information was taken from a culinary textbook, “The Visual Food Lover’s Guide”)



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