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Tomatillo 101

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Tomatillo 101

The tomatillo is related to the tomato, eggplant, bell pepper and potato. This fruit is (berry) is firmer and glossier than a tomato, but is covered with a paper-thin husk. The tomatillo is usually picked green and can become purple or yellowish when mature. They can be slightly gelatinous and acidic and its taste is a little stronger than other varieties of Physalis, in particular the winter cherry.


Choose: firm tomatillos with a uniform color. If the husk is still attached, it should be crisp (a sign of maturity), and without any mold.



At Room Temperature: 2 days

In The Fridge: 1 week

In The Freezer: cook prior to freezing



Remove the husk then wash the tomatillo just before using, carefully cleaning the base of the stem, where a sticky substance is found. Remove the core.



The tomatillo is usually cooked, but it can also be eaten raw as is, in salads or added to gazpacho or guacamole. In Mexico, the mole verde sauce is based on tomatillo, used with meat, tacos, burritos, enchiladas, etc.

With its usual appearance, tomatillo can be used for decorative purposes; open its skin slightly or turn it upside down on its stem.


Did you know the tomatillo is a good source of potassium?


(This information was taken from a culinary textbook, “The Visual Food Lover’s Guide”)






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