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The Crock Pot Exchange 101

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The Crockpot Exchange

A crockpot is the perfect way to enjoy a delicious meal without stepping outside to that grill or heating the house with your oven. You can make practically anything with a crockpot these days; from sauces to salads, to desserts and main courses.

You can take just about any recipes meant for oven or stovetop and prepare them in your crockpot and here’s how.

Converting Oven Dishes to the Crockpot Tips

  1. Find a similar crockpot version of the dish you want to prepare and use this as a guide. Compare the slow cooker size, the amount and size of meat and veggie pieces, heat settings, cook time and amount of liquid needed.
  2. The majority of slow cooked meats are fully cooked when tender. Cook your dark meats to 180˚, ground chicken or turkey to 165˚, and wings until chicken juices run clear. Cook ground beef, ground pork and/or sausage dishes, such as meatballs and meat loaf until meat is no longer pink and is 160˚. Fill the slow cooker half to two-thirds full of food safety.
  3. Slow-cooked foods don’t evaporate, so you may need to adjust the amount of liquid in your oven recipe. For example, if the oven recipe calls for 6-8 cups of water, start with 5 cups. If the oven recipe doesn’t include liquids, add ½ cup water or broth.
  4. Flour and cornstarch are often used to thicken foods, such as soups and stews that are slow cooked.

Converting Cooking Times from Oven to Crockpot

In general, 45-60 minutes of baking at 350˚ in the oven is equal to about 6-8 hours on low and 3-4 hours on high in a crockpot.

In the Oven                                                          In the Slow Cooker/Crockpot

15-30 minutes                                                                   Low: 4-6 hours                  High: 1 ½ -2 hours

35-45 minutes                                                                   Low: 6-8 hours                  High: 3-4 hours

50 minutes or more                                                            Low: 8-10 hours                High: 4-6 hours


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