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Tarragon 101

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Tarragon 101

Tarragon is highly valued in French cuisine. There is also a variety of tarragon called “Russian tarragon” that is more pungent and doesn’t have the same delicacy as common or “French” tarragon.


Buying Tarragon

Fresh tarragon has a finer flavor and better aroma than dried tarragon.


Serving Ideas for Tarragon

Tarragon flavors eggs, fish, seafood, turkey, salads, sauces, stuffings, mustard, vinegar and gherkins.

Its slightly aniseed flavor, somewhat bitter and peppery, is a seasoning for bland foods. Tarragon tolerates cooking well. It is often paired with chicken and it is an essential ingredient in béarnaise sauce and other sauces.

Use dried tarragon in moderation to avoid masking the taste of other food or herbs.


(Taken from a culinary textbook, “The Visual Food Lover’s Guide”)










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