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Taco Sundays

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When the kids were little, we had what was called; TACO SUNDAY.  We started the tacos around lunchtime and this is what we snacked on all day; the beans, the rice, the toppings, the meat, all there for them to help themselves when they wanted. They loved it….for the first two months or so. Then one Saturday it was time to go shopping to get the fixings for TACO SUNDAY. The kids watched me closely as I was putting away the groceries; seeing if mom bought the right cereal, the right popsicles, the right anything, then as I got to the meat and the fresh vegetables; they looked at me like I had just brought home five pounds of liver….”NOT TACO SUNDAY AGAIN!” Hey, it was cheap to make for a family of six. To this day, my kids will rarely come to dinner if I mention “tacos”, or even the word Sunday for that matter and they always ask me what I am making before they accept an invitation to dinner. Oh, we still have TACO SUNDAY, just not as often, not with the kids, and not always on Sunday.  But I do miss those TACO SUNDAYS on Sundays!




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