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Smoking Meat on the Grill

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Smoking Meat on the Grill

Step 1: Wood chips and heavy duty aluminum foil (must be heavy duty)



Step 2: Measure out length of foil to length of your grill. In center of foil (dull side up), pour out ¼ to ½ bag of the wood chips.  Pour 1 cup of water onto the wood chips (you may have to turn up sides of foil).


Step 3: Bring up long side of foil and fold down in layers. Leave the “chimney” open at both ends so that smoke will escape. Turn up the “chimney” so that water will not spill or boil out onto the grill flame.


Step 4: Choose your meat! For Pork; best to use is shoulder or butt. Picnic shoulder is best due to the amount of fat it has. You can also use ribs. For Beef: Use brisket, ribs, even steak. For Poultry: breasts or whole chicken; cut up. Turkey legs are great for this! When using poultry; rinse and pat dry. Lay meat in heavy duty aluminum pans; away from direct heat. No need to season or to rub, do not cover meat.

Remove top grates from grill. Lay foil packets over direct heat. Return grates to grill. Lay foil containers of meat on grill away from direct heat. Set grill for 200 degrees.


Step 5: Chicken breast halves took me 3 hours 30 minutes. Cook until juices run clear and internal temperature in 165 degrees. This pork picnic took about 7 hours! Cook until internal temperature reads 190 degrees. Shred or tear or meat and enjoy. You can also add meat and BBQ sauce to an aluminum pan; put on the grill at a temperature 200-250 degrees. Bring to simmer and cook sauce down.



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